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Elendil – Estudio Padron

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Contact: +34 605 28 24 31

Elendil graduated from Valencia University in 2002 with a degree in sound engineering. He is a highly experienced sound technician and multi talented musician with more than 25 years experience of running recording studios as an engineer, artist and live event producer. Working with international performing artists and musicians his expertise includes composition and recording for TV, Film and Radio. Previously a grand piano repairer and specialist he was also a public relations expert for 15 years for music and performing arts in Andalucia. His company at that time distributed the weekly newspaper ‘The Entertainer’. Elendil is currently the owner/director of Rio Padrón Recording Studios in Estepona, Malaga.

Capitan Wallace Duo

Soul • Rock • Blues • Fusion
A versatile duo featuring:
Franck – Bass Guitar &Vocals
Martin – Guitar & Vocals
Great playing and entertainment from two professionals. You’ll know all their songs and won’t be able to resist singing along or having a dance!